Thursday, April 20, 2006


The sun that came into the room from between slatted windows was too curious. I could feel a burning sensation on my back. That’s when I realized it was from the half truths I was scratching on the form.

Well not exactly a form, but I had to sign away my former life. I wish one could do that with memories. I wish there were indeed a Lacuna Clinic that could wipe memories away…sheesh! Not another Jim Carey reference.

Yes, I had informed my family about my decision. Not.
Yes, I was fully aware of what life I was leaving behind. Not.
Yes, I knew what I was getting into. Not.
Yes, I knew that the life I was opting for was tough. Not.

I handed the form to the teva monk. His bland look betrayed nothing. He was just playing the part of the inscrutable monk to the hilt. I felt a mutiny rising within me.

“It took me two years to fill that form.”

Bastard. Couldn’t he have said something before he watched me fill it in? I shrugged, and before my mouth pursed up in rebellion, I reminded myself that this was my last refuge. So I quell it, and silently follow him.

Across the courtyard there is a small wicket gate. It leads to the most beautiful garden I have ever seen.

“Straight out of a painting, isn’t it?”

That was the kindest voice I had heard for a long, long, time. And it belonged to the teva monk. I looked at him but was surprised at the tears that obscured my vision.

He said,” Don’t even think of stepping on the grass. And let’s hurry, Cruela is waiting for you.”

My tears vanished as soon as I heard him say Cruela. Cruela?! Was he serious?

He was grinning that evil, un-monk like grin.

“Yes, you heard me right. Come.”

When your head is tonsured, the eyebrows sort of get highlighted. But nothing prepared me for the most amazing eyebrows (correction, eyebrow) that I had ever seen. It was a hairy marvel on a smooth moon face. The eyes were closed, but when they opened, they seared everything in sight (at least it felt that way).

Maybe she couldn’t singe her eyebrow off. What a pity! But she was speaking, and I suppressed my giggle. She sounded exactly like Cruela De Vil…

The teva monk had resumed his inscrutable monk face.

“So, you are here. You stay in this part of the monastery.”

She had dismissed the teva monk so quickly. I should have been happy to get away from the sarcastic monk, but I wasn’t. I turned around to say thank you, but he was gone.

“The right day to be here...” She was muttering, “And you are sure that this is to be your refuge?”

I nodded my head. She swept me away and soon, I was me no longer.

When I saw my reflection in the lotus pool that evening, I did not recognize myself.

My hair was no longer ragged. I had no longer any hair on my head. It was not the smoothest of heads, but it wasn’t the bumpy head I had thought I had either.

I stared hard at the pool and tried to get a closer look by kneeling down. No, I would not get a role in the new Star Trek film. And no, I did not look like myself either. My ears seemed to stick out. And my nose seemed to be a lot bigger than I thought.

No one would recognize me if they saw me. But that was whole point, wasn’t it?


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Nice. Let's see where this is going.

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Indeed a different trip. Liked. :)

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Have tagged you !


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I came back to read this one again :)

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